State Data Center Launches Redesigned Website

Jun 06, 2022

Today the State Data Center, a program of the State Library of Iowa, launched a redesigned website. The site was created from the ground up and presents data in new ways to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. Bookmark the new site at

When users visit the site, they are presented with a banner of animated tickers that count up to the total population and the total occupied housing units in Iowa. Below the banner are buttons of major subject areas for the data on the site as well as US Census Bureau links, a featured visualization, and a section of recent news items.

“We’re really pleased to present the data in two ways with the new website, both by data source and by subject category,” said Gary Krob, State Data Center Coordinator. “We believe this will help users find the data they need, but we’re still happy to assist with any specific data requests.”

The website is a result of more than six months of work by State Library staff and required moving hundreds of data visualizations to new pages. The website will continue to be updated and improved on a regular basis.

The State Data Center welcomes feedback on the new website via the Website Feedback Form.

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