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New, Consolidated and Discontinued Cities

Iowa Authority

The City Development Board (CDP) in the Iowa Department of Economic Development has authority to act on petitions for municipal boundary changes including:

  • Annexation (addition of territory to a city)
  • Severance (deletion of territory from a city)
  • Consolidation (combining of two or more cities into one city)
  • Discontinuance (termination of a city)
  • Incorporation (establishment of a new city)


Changes in the legal status of Iowa municipalities since 1980:

  • New Incorporations
    • Maharishi Vedic City (Jefferson County, 2001)
    • Westwood (Henry County, 1982)
  • Consolidations
    • Melcher-Dallas (Marion County, 1986)
  • Discontinuances
    • Athelstan (Taylor County, 2004)
    • Donnan (Fayette County, 1991)
    • Green Island (Jackson County, 1993)
    • Hurstville (Jackson County, 1985)
    • Kent (Union County, 2003)
    • Littleport (Clayton, 2005)
    • Moneta (O'Brien County, 1999)
    • Oneida (Delaware County, 1994)
    • Plain View (Scott County, 1987)

More Information

For more information about the City Development Board, see:

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