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Certified Census Counts

Certification by Iowa Secretary of State

Whenever the population of any county, township, or city is referred to in any Iowa law, the official population is the last preceding certified federal census unless otherwise provided

  • The Office of the Secretary of State certifies federal census counts for the Iowa's counties, townships, and cities
  • Allocation of state funds according to population is based on the  counts as certified by the Secretary of State
  • For more information about certifying population counts by the office of the Iowa Secretary of State:

Certification by U.S. Census Bureau

A party in a legal proceeding (for example, a court trial or an administrative hearing) may wish to obtain a certified copy of a Census Bureau document to introduce as evidence. A certification is the process by which Census Bureau officials confirm that a Census Bureau document (e.g., tables, maps, reports, special tabulation) is a true and accurate copy

  • Upon payment of a fee, requesters will receive a copy of the requested document with a Census Bureau seal and an impression.
  • For more information about purchasing certifications of U.S. Census Bureau documents, see:

Geographically Updated Population Certification Program (GUPCP)

The U.S. Census Bureau's Geographically Updated Population Certification Program (GUPCP)provides certified Census 2000 population and housing counts for newly established local governments or local governments with updated boundaries. 

  • American Indian areas, counties, townships, and incorporated places may request GUPCP certifications

  • A geographically updated population certificate is a re-tabulation of Census 2000 population and housing counts based upon boundary updates legally effective after January 1, 2000, the date for boundaries used in tabulating Census 2000

  • The geographically updated certified count will include only the population and housing units that existed and were counted at the time of  the 2000 census; it does not add any population associated with new construction

  • For more information about the GUPCP see the Census Bureau's Web site:

Special Census Count Certification

When a special federal census is taken by any city, the mayor and council are to certify the census as soon as possible to the secretary of state and to the treasurer of state.

  • Unlike the GUPCP counts, Special Census counts will include new housing and population that came into the area after Census 2000. 
  • For more information about special censuses, see the Census Bureau's Web site:

Published Changes to Certified Counts

To see a list of corrected decennial counts, GUPCP counts, special census counts, and the dates on which they were certified:

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